PS4 ps4 stuck on this screen


New member
Dec 31, 2022
ive wiped an account on the ps4 done a full wipe now stuck on the connect controller an press ps button nothing works
The controller was working fine yesterday I deleted my nephews account with a full wipe when it came back on I was left with the connect controller screen an when I plugged the controller back in nothing happens when I press the ps button
Do you have a different cable which you can try?
The DS4 will have worked before as it may have been set up using a genuine cable but if this has been changed to a third party cable at some point then it’ll not work to set up again.
It is a wired controller so cant change the cables like your saying
Then it must be a third party controller as I don’t believe Sony made a wired DS4. If so then do you have another DS4 with which to test?