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Hello. I set up my son on the PS4 and myself with an adult account. When he needed funds to buy stuff, I put funds in my wallet and his wallet was credited too so he could buy stuff through his account. A few weeks I got some e mails about changes to parental control. Now when I put the funds on my account he can't use them. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
I applied for the Beta over 3 weeks ago but no word yet.
I have purchased a new SSD and heat sink but have not installed them as I believe I need the beta first.
Is this still true?
Our account was hacked with $800 worth of charges on it. Account has now been blocked but I'm not able to talk to anyone to figure this out. Any suggestions?
I would like to see a ps Vita 2 with R1,R2,L1,L2 triggers. No Sony only sd cards. You killed the last one doing that. I wanna remote play my PS5 without using my cell phone. The switch is doing great and steam just released there hand held