PS4 PS4 sound glitchy/not working no matter what I do...


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Apr 24, 2022
Hi folks! Please bear with me - first post and not sure of any rules or conventions for this forum.

Please watch and listen to this video to see the problem I'm having:
The sound is glitching like this or not working at all. Not sure if it's hardware or software. Note: My TV (LG UHD about 2 years old) sound works just fine with literally any other device - through the internal speakers or with my HDMI sound bar. I've also tried the sound on the console by plugging headphones into the controller and it does the same.
Here's the catch - this is the 2nd refurbished model doing this (from Gamestop), so I'm convinced it's not the actual console's issue.

I have tried the following and NOTHING has worked:

  • Using various HDMI cables in various HDMI ports.
  • Checking (and trying all options on) the audio device settings
  • Checking (and trying all options on) the sounds and system settings
  • Rebooting it
  • Unplugging the TV and PS4 and plugging them back in (TV first, then PS4 as well as PS4 first then TV).
  • Re-installing the PS4 software completely (initialization via USB drive)
Do I just need a new TV? Seems weird that it ONLY does this with the PS4s though?
If the sound does the same with headphones then it’s most likely the PS4. Quite possible GameStop has purchased a batch of faulty PS4s. Did they exchange the PS4 on the spot or ask you to call back after they’d tested the original PS5 you purchased?
Are you using the HDMI cable which came with the PS4 or your own?
Does the TV &/or sound bar have a Optical in port? Have you tried connecting the optical out of the PS4 to this?
Thanks for the reply Anankha! They just exchanged the previous console without testing it so I can't be certain it was the console, TBH.
I've used various HDMI cables - the one they provided with the console as well as two others that I know work.
No optical port on the PS4 - it's a slim model. I'll probably take it back to a GameStop this week and ask them to test it in the store or factory or whatever.
Issue resolved - my TV is the problem. HDMI connections are not working properly for some reason, so I'll probably just buy a new one.