PS4 controller won't connect


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Same problem for me, but it's whenever I set it on my lap or even put my hand between the controller and console, but it only started it this year.

It's not my controller, it's my console, because I can connect to a PC just fine, no unresponsiveness.


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  2. Nothing worked
  3. Advice: Don't let your controller die while your PS4 is on.
  4. My PS4 is a paper weight now.
  5. SONY PlayStation & friends are very happy, I'm sure, now they can make more money because of their console's systemic obsolescence... or is it programmed? Regardless, it certainly is planned obsolescence. I'm convinced after going in circles with them for months on end.
  6. Contrary to the title of this video, I believe that man to be sane, a hero, prophetic even, knowing that one day soon... the PS4 will not work anymore.