PS4 PS4 controller won't connect


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Feb 29, 2020
Hey Everybody -

So, I got my PS4 last night at the midnight launch. It started up okay (no HDD issues) and my controller seemed to be working as I was setting up the initial setup part just fine, then the controller started flickering and went out. I was able to get the upgrade but for whatever reason the controller won't turn on now past a "blinking white" stage. If I connect it to the charger cord, it pulses orange and is fully charged now, but it still won't get that blue color again or respond to any buttons.

I went out and bought a new controller and tried it but it hasn't turned that blue color even once (just blinks white and will pulse orange when charging).

Any ideas? Anybody else have this problem? I dunno if it's the system or the controller or the charger...
I have same problem cuz i connected my DualShock 4 to my PS3 and after that I tried connect it again to PS4 and it doesn't work... I tried USB cable, reset button, unplug PS4 but nothing happened.

So what is the best way to reconnect DualShock 4 to PS4 without another DualShock 4?! Please help.
Yessss mines jus blink thats it. And i just bought a new usb cord still not working.
Is there a better way to charge my PS4 controller battery without use of my USB cable or is there an better charge kit or should I keep my PS4 controller connected as an wired controller using tyhe USB cable.
Nothing works. PS4 is useless. This is the second problem this year, nothing ever works with this company. Just get an Xbox. The staff at PlayStation can't do shit either as they don't know anything and only tell us stuff that we already know. Everything seems to cost us money even though Sony is at fault.
Should I keep my PS4 controller connected as wired using usb cable to charge batter every two hours or what max nukmber of hours before warning me to charge battery? Is there another method to charge battery?
Okay, so 4 years more or less after your original post about controllers not syncing properly, I have figured out how to pair it for anybody who may see this. So i bought a new controller from my local Gamestop, and when i tried to pair it to my PS4, it wasn't working as the instruction sheet had led me to believe. So like most, I came to the internet for guidance and was still clueless cause everything said the same fucking thing, but didn't go into full detail.

Anyways I found out that you need 2 controllers to pair a new one that was factory reset. So what you need to do is put the new controller on a USB cord to your PS4, and then with the original controller you have go to Settings -- Devices -- Bluetooth Devices, and then you should see 2 controllers, one with a green light next to the name, one under it with no light. Press the second name, and it will take you to the profile select page. With the second controller, you will need to choose which profile to pair it to for the time being, or if you only have one, just click your account and it will turn your other controller off. BOOM you now have a sexy new controller paired, but deader than wood so charge that mofo and game on!!!
I try something for the occuring problem with the controller. Try to shut off your console but keep your thumb on the button. It will restart the console and made an update after the update it will restart and the controller will work as normal. For me it work.
I was just having this same problem and changing to a different USB cable solved it for me.
Mine is doing the same thing. Nothing is working. I've tried everything.
So this problem persists even now.


Get the USB your controller came with or go buy an official controller USB. Next, start your console and connect the controller into one of the front ports. If it doesn't work, switch to the other port. I haven't tested the back ports but i imagine those work too.

Personally i connected a non PS cable and the official cable, started on the other cable and then moved to the official cable - two seconds later it all worked and it was finally able to sync and operated normally. Hope this helps you guys.
Day one PS4. Just bought a new controller. Same issue. Trusty Youtube always helps. Good luck.

Your welcome. :)
I came home from a long vacation and none of my controllers would connect to the system. I finally fixed it by fully turning off my PS4 (make sure it's off, not resting), resetting it with the small hole under the L2 button, plugging it to my system, turning the PS4 on (turning the console itself on, not pressing the PS button yet), then pressing the PS button once the system was on. I think my PS4 was either in rest mode for too long or there was an update that was being blocked, but this fixed it for me, hope it does the same for you.
Hey guys... purchased a new PS4 controlder (silver and its sleek) but was having the issues others experienced. Let me tell you... nothing solved my issue until I watched this vid on youtube. Thanks for the guy that created it and the peeps that shared it.

Its really simple... but requires a working controller to set up a new controller.

I tried everything.. nothing from "Casual fixes" doesnt work

Basicly in few words.. you have to turn on your ps4 .. have your controler connected to ps via cable and than plug off your PS4 cable "hardly" to turn off your PS and than connect that cable back.. turn on PS and ENJOY !

Just finished chat with tech. They said put the system in safe mode and select option 5 rebuild database. For some reason, my controller was able to connect in safe mode. From there, it should be working after the reset
I've done all of it. Resetting my controller, turning off my PS4 and connecting the USB cable from my controller to my PS4 and turning it on while clicking the PlayStation button and nothing. I've held the reset button and done every other step and nothing seems to work.

Is there a solution to this problem? It's getting annoying and I need answers NOW!