PS4 PS4 controller not working


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Dec 31, 2022
I know there are a million solutions to this problem, but none address the problem I have.

My first controller works just fine. The second one is the problem. It doesn’t connect via Bluetooth or the cable.

It does appear in the devices menu as DUALSHOCK 4 with no green icon.
I know it’s not the cable fault because the controller works just fine in the safe boot menu!
I don’t know what to do, every solution post is the same stuff I tried. Please help of you can.
Is the cable a genuine Sony one or third party? Often third party are just charge only.
I take it the controller is a genuine PS4/Sony one?
Does the controller show it is charging when connected?
When connected via the cable can you place the DS4 in pairing mode to connect it via bluetooth?
Yes the cable and controller are original.
It is charging and blinking orange.
When I try to pair it via bluetooth it blinks white for a while then flashes red for a second. After that it shuts off. Like it pairs and immediately turns off.
I did try to pair it with the cable connected, but still nothing.
I have to maybe try charging it via a wall adapter for a while just to be shure. It always flashes orange when it’s plugged in to the console.
unfortunately it did nothing. I charged it all the way via a wall oulet and it just wont connect.
Sometimes while trying to connect with the cable plugged in, it gets into a state when the colors shift from purple to blue all the time. I cant find anything about that.
I think its prapobly a hardware issue. A faulty battery or something. I can still use it with my PC just fine.
Anyway, thanks for the help. Maybe someday It’ll work again.
Sorry for not answering,
Yeah I also did that a couple of times. I delete it, then plug it in and try to pair. It does show up as new device.
I bought it through a online auction store in my country. It said that it was an original one. It worked fine with my PS4 and I never had any pop up warning about it.
Then it may not be genuine & while it worked with PS4 the PS5 may be able to detect non genuine peripherals.
Check for this here: