PS5 Falsely advertised Crisis VRigade "psvr2" game


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Aug 15, 2023
Recently I bought a psvr1 game called Crisis VRigade 2 from the store WHEN it was in the psvr2 category...I tought its already a remaster/remake/reloaded version of the game so I tought it will work on my psvr2. Installed it and bumm- Please connect the psvr1 to the ps5-
My problem is , I bought the game when it was in the wrong category for some days ( they already removed it) by playstation.
I contacted them and all I got is a massage that I already downloaded the game for my ps5 so they won't refund me. -Sorry?!
I can't even launch the game since its a psvr1 game for the ps4... Yes , I heard that the game will be Maybe free to upgrade from ps4 ...what if not?
I could send them the proof that I made screenshots of the purchase when it was under the psvr2 site as IT IS a psvr2 compatible game as THEY marked it but of course I can't since they won't let me upload any picture where I fill out the refund term.
What would you do guys? Is there any real playstation support email to write them normally ? I can't take this automated bs that they sent me back.
Thanks in advance , sorry for my english.
You’re not the only player who’s been affected by that game being in the wrong category:
Some games have received a free update i order for them to work with PSVR2 on the PS5 - The Room: A Dark Matter.
The developers have confirmed on X (Twitter) that an upgrade is coming.