PS4 Game incompatibility


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Aug 14, 2023
Hello. Can anyone please help me. Yesterday 13/8/2023 I purchased crisis brigade 2 reloaded for the psvr2. I know this was released for the psvr 1 but it had clearly stated that it was now available for psvr2. So when I purchased it and downloaded it and went to play it it says please connect your psvr (the original psvr headset) to the processor unit. So even though it clearly stated it was now also for the psvr2 it clearly isn't. I paid 15.99 for this for nothing for a game I can't play and surprise surprise you try to contact sony and you can't. Even on their So,called online chat thats supposedly available 24/7 you start to explain the issue only then to be told that there are no agents available even though it says there is. So as with everything in life its a case of screw you attitude we have your money and any problems you may have then it's tough. We'll I'm not standing for this. Can anyone help with this please. Thank you.
Do you have a screenshot of the part confirming psvr2 compatible? In the UK store I can only see vr1 compatible.
You should be able to request a refund via the purchase confirmation email.
That's now the problem. I should have taken a screen shot at the time because now it has definetely changed overnight as now it says psvr only and not psvr 2. I spoke to someone at Sony they said this too but I know 100% that when I purchased it yesterday it said it was compatible for both psvr and psvr2 and like I said that changed overnight. If it said it was only compatible for the psvr I would never have bought it. I do actually have a psvr and a psvr 2 headset so I did try it with the psvr and it worked but I don't intend on using my original psvr again now I have the new one and I want to get rid of it. So because the person I spoke to at Sony said that they could see it had been played once they refused to give me a refund. This is bang out of order as I know there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it said compatible with psvr and psvr2 and that had changed overnight. But like I said I should have taken a screenshot at the time. I would never have bought this otherwise and its disgusting this is their error for certain and they won't refund me.
Sorry to hear that you didn’t screenshot the information As it would’ve proved your point to Sony.
I would contact Sony again to complain. If they stand by their decision then I would put it down to experience & should the same thing occur again remember to screenshot the information as proof.
From what I know of the PSVR2 it is not backwards compatible so V1 games cannot be played on it. Whether there’ll be an update to those PSVR games so they can be played with the PSVR2 is anyone’s guess.
Thank you so much for your help. I'm just so stupid for not taking a screenshot. I feel like Sony ate calling me a liar and that's one thing I'm not. I know what I saw and it said compatible with both psvr and psvr2 and then at some point after I had bought it that had changed and showed it as compatible with the psvr only. Because of their screw up i am out of pocket. Thanks again anyway.
You’re welcome. Don’t worry about it as I’ve done the same.
Perhaps in the future Sony will update PSVR games to work on VR2 - I hope so.