Errors when Signing In


New member
Nov 12, 2023
Everytime I try signing either on the PSN site or PS app, I get an error with no particular error code. The message is "Something went wrong. Try again later". My password is perfectly fine and I can sign in on my console without any trouble. What should I do?
Hi im Kenneth from sweden. I have the same on my ps4 and trying to enter the store but only get the message "something went wrong" . I paid for a game with my phone on and I can see the game in the libery on the ps4 but get the same "something went wrong" when trying to download it.
I hope for some answer. Its a christmas gift this game.
Yesterday I also got the message " working on page "
I hade the same but when I change to my sons profil I hade no problem with psn and The store but all the games was on my profil. I also did a factory reset.