PS5 Can't enable HDR in settings


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Nov 14, 2020
When I try to enable it in the PS5 settings, the message says "The resolution is set to 1080p because the connected HDMI device doesn't support 2160 HDR" ALl my gear is 4k UHD and HDR and the HDMI cable support all that. I'm running PS5 and everything else through a Pioneer ELite VSX LX104, with one HDMI from the Pioneer to the TV, a Samsung 7300FXZA 2019 model 55 inch curved screen. Both the receiver and TV are capable of HDR.

I've checked the settings in the TV, the receiver has audio settings but not really any picture ones. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
Found the issue

" PS5 uses decompressed signal of 4k 120hz for gaming. Current AVRs handle 4k 60hz. "

Lame. I know I could plug into TV but I don't want to have to do any more than switch AVR to 'game' and play. Not change to ARC input on AVR, then also change inputs on TV. Plus I value the sound, my TVs output leaves much to be desired in quality. Is this even possible thru firmware? Any SOny folks have input on this?
Sounds like everyone is having this issue. I’ve been playing 4 k on my Blu-ray and streaming. My 4K Blu-ray player died so I bought the ps5 for all around play and it won’t support 4 k play. It’s so frustrating and I’ve tried everything. Why would it play for me before and not from ps5?
they need to fix this!
Found a fix, at least for Pioneer AVRs

To change the 4k signal format, from the front of the unit (you will not use the remote for this) while pressing and holding the HOME MENU button, press and hold the PERSONAL PRESET 3 to display the current setting on the display. Keep holding the HOME MENU button and repeatedly press the PERSONAL PRESET to the correct setting is displayed.