PS5 Yay! PS5 is here!!


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Nov 25, 2020
Yup,yup persistence pays off. I was on Playstation site at midnight when the PS5 dropped. Took me all night until the next AFTERNOON to finally get let into their store to purchase my PS5. They put you in a que once you do get into the store, but it was worth the wait. But and hour wait once you do get into their store. All and all, I love my PS5, thanks Playstation.
I am trying to buy a PS5 for my sons. I have been told to go to the website and wait to be put in a waiting room. Is there a way to get more information on how to do this. Also, I noticed it says you must be signed in with a PSN ID to purchase, I do not have that?
I got VERY VERY lucky. I really do believe, but I can't say it true, but I think that they catered to ppl with PSN Accounts (since I did purchase mine from the actual Playstation website). I have been a Playstation user since there was the PS1. I don't know, like I said I just got lucky. Persistence pays off, just keep searching. I did heard they were dropping more before Christmas, but ppl weren't getting it until January some time. Good luck man, PS5 is worth the purchase. Only thing storage sucks, but I heard it might get expanded. I'm on that too I just purchased a 2 TB expanded storage to have install on mine for addaquite storage. Happy hunting.