Welcome to PlayStation Forum!


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Feb 19, 2020
As per the announcement on the official Sony forum earlier today, we are going to begin migrating the PlayStation community to an independent site, and this is our new home.

The new site was just created a few hours ago and is still very much work in progress, but everything's fully functional. Feel free to start a new thread to share your feedback or request a feature.

Welcome to the new PlayStation Forum!

Hey! Just joined hehe :D the site looks wonderful @crunchyg
Why did they close their forums in the first place?

I don't believe that they're becoming obsolete, there are still forums on every subject all over the net, so that doesn't wash with me.
Sony does not want the headaches that come with running a forum. We're happy to take all those people in.
@Steve30000 cool, it's great to have you. I am finishing up another project next week, but our next step will be inviting gamers from other forums over to get the conversations going. If you can help with that, that would be fantastic. Especially with the PS5 launch looming, people do want to talk PlayStation, which is great for us.
I'll try. Can I use this link on other forums?

I think this forum is similar to a football one I sometimes use, it's very user friendly this one.
Of course you can use the link, as long as you don't break their rules or get their moderators upset and get banned :)

This is just the beginning, I will continue to improve the look and add features to the site. Just need more time. :cool:

Unlikely, because all the wannabe del boys are buying them using bots then selling them on ebay for 5 times the price.

Those idiots just spoil it for the rest of us that are trying to get one.
SMH. I know right. I saw a console being sold for 1.5K. And people are buying them and testing if they're "waterproof". :cry:

Ebay should be pulling the plug on this because it's against their terms and conditions.

You actually have to have the product to sell it, you're not supposed to be selling a pre order, you haven't got it yet.

But no, they let them carry on 🙄 I hope they're stuck with them