PS4 Weird issue with my ps4s


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Jan 28, 2022
Everything worked fine till the store update two days ago. The store was loading extremely slow, and continued yesterday. I thought it was a psn issue as the store on my PS5 was working fine.

Today I got on to play a game, and connection issues which was basically the DNS issue. I got on my wife's PS4 and she's having the same issue. I logged my PS4 into the neighbors wifi connection and everything came up fine. But on mine no dice still won't load timeout error.

Call Sony they say my isp might have closed ports get ahold of them, go through the usual by the book trouble shooting. Reboot modem, router, blah blah blah. They say it's a DNS issue. I explain everything my PS5, Xbox series x, my wife's series s all working fine. Just the ps4s won't work.

I checked the status of the PS5 network against the PS4 everything is the same. So I tried Google DNS, opendns. Nothing works.

Anyone have any clue why everything but the ps4s are working fine?
I may be having a similar issue. Started out with lagging in online multiplayer. I have tried a different modem/router, tried a different playstation 4. My speed test on the playstation network has been really low. While downloading a game or an update it downloads very fast though, I can watch the speeds on my router while its downloading and its 300 up and 10 down. While playing the lag is horrible. I have also tried all different DNS to no success. I have run speed test on the lan cable that connects to my ps4 on my laptop and speeds are what they should be with ping below 15ms. I'm lost at this point.