PS5 Weird blu ray problem


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Jan 5, 2022
my ps5 plays my blu ray game disks no problem...dvd disks no problem...but when i try to run any [ive tried 7 very clean some never used until now] blu ray movie disks it doesnt recognise them?...any ideas guys.
good question,im assuming was bought in the uk..and the disks are this region?....can it be changed in the settings if not?
UK is under Region B for blu ray, check on the back of the disc case. If the discs were bought in a UK store then they should be.
Unfortunately there’s no option/setting for that feature.
havent used it much,to be honest.just gaming and i have a lot for ps4 ive added a ssd and put some on there...but besides ps5 game disks which are ultra hd blu rays.up until now i hadnt run any normal blu rays..seems its a region 1 maybe?..i know a lot were sent over from usa and people didnt realise when they bought them,about the region locked issue...well it is what it is i guess!.maybe Sony will patch it one day.
It’s possible, however thinking about this I suspect that the PS5 wouldn’t play DVDs either if the region was wrong unless it‘s a region free player for DVDs.
Is there any error message shown?
Is the PS5’s software up to date?
Is the disc being inserted correctly?
i read on a fortum somewhere that it plays all dvds and ultra hd disks.but not region locked blu does play any of the dvd disks i put in.and it loads games from ps5 i think its the region lock comes up with cannot recognise disk error or something like that.all software is up to date.and i have gone through various things reboot etc.
Yes the 4K/UHD film playback at least isn’t region locked But blu ray is.
You should receive a ‘region locked’ or ‘invalid Region’ error if the disc wasn’t the correct region for the PS5.
i wonder if theres anything on the console or box..that says what region area its from/for?
Did you create your account as a UK or US account? I wonder if that is the problem.
If your PS5’s model number is CFI-1016A then it is a UK PS5, if it is CFI-1015A then it is US.
looking on the box,its got 16A so its uk.. i think it must be a fault with the disk player..although its playing dvds and ultra hd blu rays..and no problems loading my ps5 games from disks...really strange!
It is. Either the discs are not Region B or the laser which reads blu ray is faulty. I’ll check my PS5 with some blu rays & see what happens.