Using PS Plus on Child account


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Jul 29, 2023

I am looking for some advice.

I have my main account and under family management 2 child accounts. I dont really play the PS4 anymore so not sure if what I am doing is right.

I bought ps plus essential, I can see the + on my account. I have watch several you tube vids and set my account as primary, deactivated the other, restored licenses, everything various youtube vids have stated.

On all the youtube vids it shows the child (other) accounts all with the + next to them after all these steps, however only my account shows a plus. When I go into PS plus under their accounts it still wants me to subscribe.

My son did load up fifa 23 under his account and was able to play online against other people, which I presume means it is working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I have a similar set-up. Your kids (and any other accounts that log into your PS) will get PS Plus access through your subscription.

The fact that your son is able to play online suggests that this is working fine.

The option for them to subscribe still shows up (never been sure why it needs to do that), but they should just ignore it and carry on.