Using Gaming Keyboard & Mouse together with Headset


New member
Jun 3, 2021
Hi guys,
So my son wanted a gaming keyboard and mouse to play Fortnite, Minecraft etc. So we’ve bought a G-Lab Krypton Combo keyboard and mouse, together with a KX adapter.
But after plugging the keyboard, mouse and PS4 controller into the adapter, then the adapter into the front USB of the console we’ve found the wired headset no longer seems to work.
The headset is wired, with a 3.5mm jack (which was previously plugged into the PS4 controller) and a USB connector.
I’ve tried plugging the headset into the other front USB port but that hasn’t worked. I feel my son has wasted a considerable amount of his money.
Any ideas of how he can use his new keyboard / mouse set-up AND his headset??
Thanks in advance.