PS5 USB Adapter for PS4 V2 camera connecting it to PS5

Tomas K

New member
Jan 25, 2024
Hi all, does anybody has working and successful experience with connecting Sony PS4 V2 camera to PS5? I bought new PS5 for my daughter and we play Just Dance 2023 with mobile app. We have also Just Dance 2022. This should work with PS4 V2 camera ( I bought used one but working) connected to PS5. I bought already 2 different adapters to connect PS4 V2 but PS5 does not recognize camera when connected. Any recommendations?
Hi, but I purchased used V2 camera so I don't have a key they require to give you free adapter. Or do you think they will give me it for PS5 key?
Have you contacted support but they’re asking for a key/code? Afaik there wasn’t any code in the camera box as mine was previously owned. Sony sent an email stating the adapter would be sent & to reply/click on a claim link if you needed one. I remember it was easy to obtain one.
Sony gives cable only to VR key code owners at least in Czech. 2nd adapter I bought finally works. However I don't like such complicated solution.