Upgrading PS3 Super Slim 12GB to 500GB HD


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Dec 16, 2021

I have located the bracket I need on amazon.

Sabrent 2.5" Hard Disk Drive Mounting Kit Bracket for PS3 Super Slim CECH-400x Series (BK-HDPS)

Can anyone help me with what I need as far as Hard drive?
I have watched videos and read articles on the subject, they say different things.

If you will put a direct link, just so you know I don't shop Ebay, the rest is fine.


The PS3 Fat Models had this Storage Bay you would Open Up,
Slide the Hard Drive out, & Unscrew it, & Replace the Hard Drive...

The PS3 Slim Models require you to take the whole PS3 Slim Apart,
just to get the Hard Drive out, then you have to put it all back together again...

The Downside of the PS3 Slim, is there is no benefit to getting
a Hard Drive & adding it onto the PS3 Slim, there is no benefit
to buying a large Hard Drive PS3 Slim compared to a Small one...

The PS3 Fat Models on the other hand? You got the benefit of
a large Hard Drive like you do on the PS3 Slim, but with all the
bells & whisles of the PS3 Fat, like PS2 & PS1 Gaming for instance,
multiple forms of Audio Codecs for use with Music, Gaming, & Movies,
having a larger Storage meant you could Expand your Storage for
many of these key Features you may want to Explore...

The only downside to the PS3 Fat was it's life span...

Anyways, a Western Digital 750 GB Hard Drive is what I Installed into my PS3 Fat...
--- I don't know a Seagate might work as well, but I found it a bit more tricky to
----- Install bigger Hard Drives in the PS3 Fat Models...

I don't know, but i'm pretty sure the same thing works for the PS3 Slim...

If it helps? I have never found any reason to need more then 750 GB of Storage on the PS3...

Maybe you will, but I never did, whatever ya do, good luck...