PS5 updates,patches Question


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Apr 21, 2024
I have brought a PS5 (disk edition) for Stellar blade and i need to know if i need a PSN account to download game updates,patches and if i would need one to get the Pre-order bonuses.
So if i buy a game disk and install it on the consoles SSD i need a PSN account to download updates ?
guess i find out tomorrow if i can update the game with out a PSN account
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You’d need an account to add funds in order to purchase afaik. I have a Sony account & have been asked to sign in or confirm my account password before purchase.
I hope it’s possible.
I didn't need a PSN account to download game updates soon as i inserted the disk it immanently started to install and download updates off the internet. But in the end i decided to disconnect the PS5 from the internet so i could keep the version that is on the disk what is untouched by sonys censorship.