PS4 Update on Trails of Cold Steel 4 Limited Edition Orders from NISA America


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Oct 15, 2020
There's going to be a delay in receiving Trails of Cold Steel 4 Limited Editions. Those who ordered from the either NISA Online Store or NISA Europe Online Store are affected. Info down below

Dear Valued Customer,

We are reaching out to inform you on the status of the Limited Edition for Trails of Cold Steel IV (PS4™).

Due to an unexpected delay, the outgoing shipments for preorders of Trails of Cold Steel IV for both NISA Online Store & NISA Europe Online Store will be affected. We aim to begin shipping orders during the release week for the NISA Online Store and during the week of November 2nd for the NISA Europe Online Store. We are working diligently to expedite the process and minimize any further delays. As we receive updates, we will be certain to keep our customers informed.

Thank you for your patience and support at this time.

Best wishes,
NISA Online Store

At least it's not delay for a long time which is not bad.
In the meantime, is something to get you more pumped up until it comes -