PS4 Update 9.04


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Feb 19, 2022
Hi there. My playstation 4 1Tb console is stuck in Safe mode. I am trying to update the software using a lan connection, doesn’t work, tried it using a usb stick formatted to fat32, still doesn’t work. Brings me back to where I started. Do I need to purchase a brand new usb stick compatible for ps4 consoles? Is this a software issue or is this a harddrive issue? I reset the whole PS4 to factory settings as I bought it off someone else and they didn’t remove their details. I can’t get onto the playstation homepage. I should have updated before initialising the playstation 😑😬
It keeps coming back to this message.

checking the system storage status.
do not turn ps4 off
When check is complete it will restart
If the systems slow after reseting to factory settings does it mean the harddrive needs replacing?
Is this harddrive fast? I want a smooth and a decent speed one.

Samsung 1TB 2.5" 9.5mm SATA 3Gpbs Internal Hard Drive -PS3/PS4 Compatible ST1000VT000
Hello, I've been having the exact same problem. Have you resolved it? I've contacted Playstation support multiple times but they aren't much help. Thank you very very much if you do have a solution.
Hi there are you having issues with the system being slow? If you change the hard drive this fixes the issue and the system becomes smooth and fast
No there are no issues with it being slow. It sjust that it asks me to update to version 9.50 using a USB with the update file. I follow all of the instruction given to me by but it tells me that the file cannot be used. The times that it let's me past that it just sends me back through a loop. It doesn't let me update the software.
I saw that you were getting the same message.
"Checking systems storage" is something like that. Then it would restart and throw me in a loop for no reason. I then saw that you were able to update your Playstation's system software which is what I'm trying to do. Can you say how you did it?
Had the same exact issue and it was so frustrating. Try swapping the ports around where u plug your USB stick. Also make sure the folder name and file names are all in caps lock