PS4 Unable to deactivate my PS4 account


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Jul 14, 2020
I got a new ps4 pro and am trying to deactivate my account from my old ps4. I will like you to help me out
Won't you just have to make your ps4 pro the primary console?
I don't think you have to deactivate your account, I used to download games onto my ps3, even though I have an account set up with my ps4.
My account is activated to my son ps4 and my old ps4. So I wanted to deactivate my ps4 so that I can activate my ps4 pro

From a web browser, sign in to your account on PlayStation Network.

Click on [Device Management] on the lower left column.

Click on [PlayStation Systems] from the menu on the right.

Click on [Deactivate All Devices] button.
You will be asked to verify your decision. Select [Yes] or [No.]
I just try that now and is not working here. Is it working there now
Puzzling why it's not working. That should deactivate the account, do you need a system update?

Surely if you have the most recent version, there shouldn't be a problem
There's clearly a problem with your Internet connection to your ps4 if the server keeps getting timed out.
Can you help me with the customer care phone number so that I can reach them
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