PS5 Unable to access DLC from Child profile


New member
Nov 5, 2022
Howdy all. I have downloaded DLC content for Marvel Avengers on PS5 for my son. My son has a child profile that I have 'allowed' the game for. I used my account to download the content, under the impression that this can be used on other profiles on the PS5. The DLC is not available on the child profile. I have since discovered that even though the game is allowed, he also cannot view any DLC etc on the PS Store for this game as it is age restricted.
I have tried to contact support but it keeps failing to put me through to an agent.
Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? I am assuming that the age restriction is blocking the DLC. I have tried to turn off the age restrictions on the console. It allows my son to play ALL games, but still cannot view store content above his age.