Two PS5 versions of cyberpunk


New member
Dec 24, 2023
I bought cyberpunk on my second account and played it on my main I finished it and decided to buy the dlc but I couldn’t use the dlc so I bought cyberpunk on my main account to use the dlc but it instead made two copies of cyberpunk and when the second one downloaded which was the one I could play the dlc on I had no save files so I have to start again does anyone know what I can do? Can I transfer the save files between the two or is my only option to hopefully refund cyberpunk and the dlc and buy it on my second account any help is appreciated
I had to keep the version from the other account as my saves files from that version are region locked so I bought the dlc on my other account and I basically just wasted 80 pound on cyberpunk when I all had to do was spend 20 PlayStation also won’t refund me due to downloading the game to see if it would work which it doesn’t