Trouble with Saved Game Data on PS5 in Lies of P - Seeking Assistance!


New member
Dec 5, 2023
Hey everyone,

I've encountered a rather odd issue with the game Lies of P on my PS5. After playing for several hours and shutting down my console, I found that the next day, my save file had reset to the beginning. After some research online, I stumbled upon a fix mentioned in a few FAQs: logging out of the PS5 seemed to resolve the problem for others, and it worked for me as well.

However, here's the snag: when I log back into my PS5, the saved game data vanishes. I've attempted to save the game data to the cloud and sign in again, but it only uploads the game data from the start. Is there a way to transfer my saved game data from when I'm logged out to playing online?

I've even recorded a brief video of the issue, though I apologize for the less-than-ideal quality:

If anyone has experienced something similar or has a solution, I'd greatly appreciate your help! Feel free to ask if anything's unclear. Thanks a bunch!