PS5 Trophies: Story mode game progress not transferring from PS4


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Nov 18, 2020
I moved all my games from my PS4 to the extended storage, and synchronized the trophies to Playstation Network. However, when I started to play on the PS5, it was as if I had never played before, I could see the trophies in the PS5 but those weren't identified at the time of playing those games. I wonder what is going wrong, if I missed a step. What needs to be done so my games reflect my progress instead of starting from scratch? Please help. Thanks!
Did you ever discover a way to transfer Trophies?
Same here with RE Village. I had all the PS 4 trophies except 2 (S rank on all Mecenaries & the Plat trophy) but on the PS 5 only both Goats of Warding trophies unlocked. I has to replay the game several times to unlock them again.