PS4 Tried fixing ps4 controller stick drift, made it even worse


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Aug 21, 2023
So yesterday I noticed that whenever I moved my controller to certain parts (top left, bottom left), the sensor showed the stick as jumping from one place to another. If it was on the top left, it would rapidly shift between where it actually is and a bit to the right, same with the bottom left.

I tried fixing this by taking the controller apart and cleaning the sensors and sticks. As shown in many tutorials, I pried open the green tabs that hide the white discs (not sure what they're called) and cleaned the tabs out with isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip and blew on the tabs a bit. I blew some air on the white discs as well. I then placed the white discs back in, made sure they were aligned, and then closed the green tabs. After putting everything back together, the horizontal input was stuck all the way to the left and wouldn't move to the right at all, while the vertical inputs just had a bit more stick drift than usual. I took it apart again and tried looking for the problem, and saw something. Inside the joystick box, there are these 4 maroon-colored rubber(?) parts. The top and bottom moved according to vertical input, while the left and right didn't seem to move at all, so I'm thinking that is the issue. Is there a way to fix this at all, or do I need to replace them entirely?

Extra Information: I tested the potentiometers and they didn't seem to be the problem, and I didn't see any dust or dirt in any places that would make the stick drift that extreme. I also looked for any issues with wiring or other parts, but couldn't find anything.