The last of us game disc not being read by my playstation 3


New member
Oct 3, 2021
I have a very strange problem. I’m in the process of taking pictures with my phone with certain playstation 3 games because some playstation 3 games don’t come with instruction manuals. I noticed that the last of us game that I have isn’t being read by my playstation 3. What happens is that the disc is in the disc drive and the blue light is on, but there is no disc icon on the xmb menu.

My playstation 3 is the fat model 80 gig without playstation 2 support. The blu ray drive is the model where the disc turns as it comes out or goes in the drive to be read.

I do know that when I got my playstation 3 80 gig (to replace a 60 gig that got the ylod), the last of us did work because I was going through everything to rebuild what I had.

I did try rebuild database and to tilt the console towards the back, but no disc icon appears on the xmb.

I’m thinking that the disc is just bad, but I can’t understand how as this disc is part of the steelbook edition and is always in the case in a clear plastic box.

I have 100+ discs that work and plenty of dual layered discs like uncharted and killzone that work so I don’t think that my drive is going out.

My playstation 3 isn’t jailbroken and no piracy is being done. The game was purchased brand new.

The disc drive works.

Any ideas? I don’t have a spare disc at the moment.