Suspension appeal.


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Mar 28, 2024

I woke up today to find that someone that had used my credit card to purchase several items off the PSN Store (using my credit card, but not likely to my account.)

After resolving the issue with the bank, changing passwords, etc - later in the day, I get an email from Playstation advising me that my account has been banned permanently, with no chance to appeal for "breach of code of conduct" ( It says that content uploaded from my account to message on PSN : pretended to be able to influence an employee of sony.

This is a permanent ban, which impacts an account thats years old with a lot of games on it. I am not sure how there isnt a process to appeal this, considering I can show that my account was compromised for the duration? I have reached out to the bank to deal with the credit card issue, but having reached out to support here they have refused to do anything and have simply repeated that the suspension cannot be appealed. Its not even a temporary suspension - and they wont show me the problematic messages.

The website includes an appeal form for suspensions but it doesnt go anywhere (Contact us)

Can anyone help or guide me towards next steps? Thanks!
Hi there, welcome!

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have you tried to open the link in a new browser or private browser, or device? i ask this because it works for me,