PS5 Streams cutting out


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Jul 15, 2023
So a little backstory first. I've been streaming to youtube a couple of years. I stream most days of the week, and even a different game for each day of the week. I don't even make a penny off any of it, its more a hobby than anything else. So on to the actual problem. My streams have been strangely cutting out without my input. Now this wouldn't be so bad, if the Ps5 would at least tell me the stream was cutoff. If it tells me at all, it isn't for several minutes, or even half an hour or more. I could be going for several minutes, thinking the stream is still live, and the ps5 still even says I'm still broadcasting, when the stream was cut off ages ago without my being informed, causing me to lose footage. Is anyone else having this problem? Only temporary solution I've found is to have my phone or roku set to watch my own stream to make sure the stream is still going. But it would just be easier if the ps5 told me immediately that the stream was cutoff. Idk what to do at this point.
Is your internet connection stable otherwise? Have you run a network stability test? Is your PS5 hardwired or on WiFi? Are there a lot of other devices/people who are sharing the connection with you?
PS5 is purely set to the wifi. You seem to misunderstand the issue.The constant disconnections aren't the issue, those I can handle. The problem is the Ps5 doesn't even notify me most of the time. If it did, I could at least stop playing there so I don't lose footage. Like the most recent time, I was in the middle of a boss fight, I suddenly get a notification that stream ended because bad connection. Luckily it was only like a minute or 2 after the disconnection, so I was able to stop there The problem is, do you know how many times my stream has been cut off in the last month alone? At least 5 and do you know how many times i received such a notification? Just the 1. The notification is horribly inconsistent. The worst part, the ps5 has a counter keeping track of how long I've been streaming. If I stop the stream manually, the timer stops and goes away, makes sense right. Now if I am disconnected randomly, it won't stop the timer every time. It still keeps going up, making me think I'm still streaming, causing me to lose footage. Also, I think someone changed my topic title.
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The best way to address the issue is to fix the disconnections themselves. You're not going to teach PS5 to do better at notifying you when it disconnects. The point is that it shouldn't disconnect randomly. Either your connection's unstable or there is another hardware or software issue. You have to isolate the problem and rule things out one at a time if you want to fix it.