Sony suspended my account even though I did nothing wrong and now customer support refuses to even speak with me


New member
Mar 2, 2021
My gamer ID CUXINHOUND was suspended for 30 days starting yesterday. The email I got says I sent PORNOGRAPHIC or obscene content through PS4 message.
I didn't. While I'm adamant that I never sent any pornographic content, it doesn't seem to matter because Sony is uninterested. I've urged them to simply check the message system and prove me right but no one is listening.

All of my attempts to reach out to Playstation support(even messaging on twitter and emailing CEOs) have been futile and the only customer service rep I could speak to (through the Live chat feature on their site) was very dismissive and didn't have any interest in even hearing my case. Playstation NA support number 800-345-7669 isn't helpful at all because there are no humans to speak to, only recordings. I'm really very irritated because of this situation and the fact that Playstation support and the Sony employees I have reached out to aren't even going to look to see if what I'm saying is true or false is the worst of it.

If I could get all the money I poured into my gaming account back I would and from there I would walk away from Playstation altogether because they don't care about their customers at all it seems.