Sony Ireland support phone number


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Jul 17, 2023
Hey Guys,

2FA was set up out of nowhere and I now cant login to ps network. I'm based in ireland and I cant find any contact number I can use to ring them. I spent an hour waiting on online chat before i lost connection, then I went back on and after an hour an agent responded, only for the reply box to appear blank and it wouldnt let me respond. I tried to reach them on PC but it says its unavailable (although it says its available on my phone) Does anybody know how I can ring their support from ireland? or if anyone has an email address?
For PlayStation Ireland phone support, try 08 18365065, 01 7073840 or 01 6917379. Let us know which number works for you.

They are also pretty responsive on Twitter, check out PlayStation Ireland.
@crunchyg, Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it! My ten year old son (and myself :D) are really relieved! The third number (01 6917379) worked for me, my call was answered very quickly and they were very very helpful. Appreciate it! Thanks