PS4 Software update/ controllers wont connect


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Sep 17, 2022
Hi, last Saturday there was a software update for PS4. Controller wouldn't work.
Ordered new controller and leads ( Both genuine PS4)
Still can't pair
Controller flashes blue 3 times
Can anyone help please?
Sony have suggested sending to them which I want to avoid
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PS5 software or controller firmware update?
There’s been both a PS5 update as well as a firmware update. It was offered after my PS5 restarted.
Does anything happen when you plug the controller in?
Are the controller & lead genuine DS5?
Have you reset the controller to default using the little pin hole?
Sorry its PS4
Done all the troubleshooting
The console is in safe mode
The controller flashes 3 times and turns off
Thanks, is the controller connected via cable while the PS4 is in safe mode? Is there a reason why the console is in safe mode?
Does trying to pair give the same result?
If yes then I would try the pin hold reset.
Yes it won't pair, the Sony troubleshooting told us to put in safemode.
Trying to pair gives same result
Tried pin hold reset on both controllers
We bought a controller with a lead, managed to do update now the new wireless controller works. Thanks for your help