PS5 So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?


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Feb 19, 2020
So I am probably not going to pre-order. I see no reason for it because I just don't see this thing selling out at launch.

But I am considering joining the nerds who will be camping out the night before. I always had fun at those console launches in the past, especially the ones where the doors open at midnight 🤣.
I don't know if I want to jump in early this generation or not. I remember when PS4 came out we had that patch of about a year before there was even any games to play.
The pre-order pages are not live yet. Just landing pages at major stores that let you sign up and get notified when they start taking pre-orders.

Can't seem to get one anywhere.. Looks like it's more popular than you thought. 🙁 I'm gutted I'm not going to end up getting it on launch
In big U.S. cities there are always a few stores that don't take pre-orders and instead sell their initial shipments to people who camp out on launch day (often at midnight). Doesn't work that way in London?
@crunchyg, I'm further north than that. I reckon I might have to wait until Christmas or longer.

I'll see if I can still put November's ps plus games onto my library on the ps4, so when I do get the ps5 I'll have those games ready to download, especially bugsnax
You could grab a friend or family and head to the nearest big city where you can find stock on launch night. Make an adventure out of it and come home with a prize. :D
I have pre ordered and it’s due next week, on reflection I wouldn’t have bothered, I can’t see a stand out game that justifies the Day 1 price, within 3 or 4 months prices will drop, the bugs will be ironed out in the operating software but I still can’t see that killer must have game yet
just 1 day to go but to be honest its real name is ps4.4 and ps4.5 because it is more of a downgrade from the pro on memory while the ps4 pro has 1tb and you can use external hard drives to play ps4 while they got rid of that feature for ps5 and no classic games like final fantasy crisis core, dot hack with liminality movies, chrono trigger/chrono cross even any of the best older anime games
i will get it but if i do not like it, i will know but the m.2 is fine at least should be 1-3 tb though in my opinion also external hard drives should be playable to ps5 as well as ps4 but to transfer to hard drive to external consistently would be bad for the m.2 to learn about m.2 you probably watch linus tech tips i have in my case