PS5 Silly Mum Questions

Rosie Ainsworth

New member
Sep 8, 2021
Hello, please try and see past my ignorance, and know that I mean well and just want my son to get what he wants, at a price that won't cripple me o_O.

He has a ps4 (with a disc?!). He would like the ps5 for his birthday - too much but he has been saving also. My questions are:

Is there any benefit from getting a disc ps5 or is the digital one sufficient?

If I were to get the disc one, would any of the ps4 one's play on the ps5?

He has bought new the fifa, downloaded, not disc - will that transfer over with his login when he logs into his new ps5? Does it matter that he bought it through a ps4?

Can I sell the ps4 before he gets the ps5, and so transfer his account after I have sold his ps4? I guess what I mean is, can I log out of his account on ps4, sell it, but then log into the account whenever he gets his new one, and all his data, games, activity etc will still be there?

Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.
You would have to do a data transfer in the settings after all of it is transferred then do a factory reset of the PS4/delete all the memory off of PS4 to make sure none of his data can get stolen by the new owner and that's it you can sell the PS4 to a new owner if any other questions come up I can help to the best of my knowledge.
Thank you. That sounds doable, even for me. I will be in touch if I need any more guidance....if I can ever lay my hands on a PS5!
Most if not all PS games play on the PS5, if you have disc versions of any PS4 games then you’d need the disc version of the PS5.
The problem will be finding the console. There’s none in the game stores & those stores who have them are selling them at very inflated prices. Cex (UK store) have them for £650 +, many are unboxed & all are pre-owned.
I managed to nab one from Game recently but had to purchase an extra controller & game bundle.
I have the digital/non disc version. I prefer it, games are almost instantly downloaded and you can switch between them almost instantly too. Putting a disc in to play a game seems really archaic now - however I do have 150mbps internet.
I am now onto my 3rd controller though (since Feb) as both had stick failures and a third of the time I’m playing Gran Turismo with a wheel, which is a shame as the controller is incredible, like nothing I’ve ever used before
The reason why I bought the PS5 disc version is purely due to having several PS4 games on disc.
The DS5 does seem to have problems with stick drift. I’ve not had this problem but I’ve noticed the DS5 which came with the PS5 doesn’t last as longe charge-wise as the separate DS5 I purchased with the PS5.