ID changed without knowledge


New member
Dec 23, 2020
Hey all.
I need some serious advice and help please.
So early on this month, I got multiple tens and tens of mails regarding changes in privacy policy, while i was surprised, it was almost 20 mails, they were all the privacy policy changes emails, so I went through and deleted.
Then on 14th, I got an email that my sign in Id has changed. Which I did not initiate.
Now I'm unable to log in to my playstation network account, and even when I'm sending password reswt requests, I don't get any emails to the email address I'm putting in the form.
I'm in UAE but my playstation store is US, so the UAE helpline can't help. I have been trying to call the USA helpline, but I always get a message saying that due to numerous calls, they can't take my call for now and I should call back at another time.

I need some help urgently please.