Server connection timed out


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Feb 14, 2024
Hello everyone. I come to you all in a time of need, I am at my wits end. I gave my playstation to my brother about a year ago and I've playing on PC ever since. I log in through PSN on Epic Games to play fortnite with my playstation account so I can keep the skins. Every couple of months the Epic Launcher logs me out and I log back in with no issue. This time it was different.

I've been trying to log in to PSN on my PC and my phone for 5 hours now and it always comes back with one of two error messages: "Connection to the server timed out" (which happens much more often and is always instant) and "Couldn't connect to server"

I have tried everything. My internet speed is good, i tried connecting my computer to my phone's data, logging in from my phone with and without data, I have turned off and uninstalled my VPN and then reinstalled it, tried every configruation with and without the VPN, I have tried logging in from the sony website, logging in through the global psn website, logging in through the psn shop, logging in from 3 different browsers, none of them work. Every option leads me to the same exact login page and ends up in the same exact error code. I am actually going insane.

I have no idea what I could do about this. I have no clue. I have watched every video on youtube about it and read every thread on reddit about it. Sony, for absolutely NO reason, changed the login website since the last time I had to do this and now suddenly just logging in to MY OWN account is impossible. How can this be? What can I even do at this point?