PS5 Saved PS4 Data not transferring to game


New member
Sep 19, 2022
I've been working on Lego Skywalker Saga for the past few months, and we recently upgraded to the PS5 this past weekend and despite logging in and transferring all the data from the PS4, the game wants me to start a whole new game. The weird thing is that it's still showing all of my previously acquired trophies, but I just can't get back into the game on the PS5 from my previous saved point. Anybody know how to get your stuff back? I certainly don't want to have to start all the way over. I don't have a subscription to the cloud, but I don't see how I should need one just to retain my gaming data, especially, since the game was saved on an external HD that I now have attached to the PS5. Any suggestions or advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Unfortunately the PS5 can only use cloud saves. I don’t believe there’s a way to transfer the save data via USB.
You would need to connect both devices via Ethernet cable & follow the instructions here: