PS4 Resolution 4K not working in PS4 pro (have 8K hdmi cable and 4K monitor)


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Dec 30, 2022
I have justed bought a new pc monitor (Svive 35" Curved gamingskjerm PYX 35D601)
Supports resolution up to 180Hz (100 Hz on HDMI) and 3440x1440 VA, 180Hz, 5ms, 2500:1, HDR400, FreeSync, 2xHDMI/2xDP

I have followed all guies and searched google and forums for solutions to HOW to achieve 4 K on my PS4 PRO.
But without success.

In case the HDMI cable was defect I now also replaced that with a new more expensive HDMI cable, premium type, supporting up to 8K.

So both my monitor and my cable should be okay for having higher resolution in my PS4 PRO.

In the video output I only get the regular 19xx10xx resoultion.
I am aligned and can confirm the same settings/setup as this link:

the higher resolutions are greyed out in my case. Not allowed to select, and not able to.
I have also tried starting in safe mode and tried to choose higher reosultion there, but I can not make that selection there either .

'The resolution, RGB range, HDR is in automatic.

ANyone know what to do?
Is there not any official support on playstation? Have not managed to find such a site.

Hope anyone out there have experiences to share.