PS4 [request for deletion]


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Jun 22, 2024
Please also delete this account. Sorry for wasting your time.
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Hi & welcome.
If the main objective is discussions then it might be better with creating a forum or even a Facebook page dedicated to PlayStation.
Imo YT would limit the interaction between followers & each discussion would require a video uploading then having the followers watch it in order to comment, whereas with a facebook page or forum all members can start a discussion or post videos/photos.
You’d need to get the word out to other PS users which would mean posting on various forums & social media & I know some pages don’t like self promotion so you’d most likely have to post a few times or add your YT channel as a signature. for followers preferably you’d have to offer something unique - in that the topics, discussions & videos can’t been found elsewhere on the web.
My channel is one among many which offer game solutions like quick puzzle solutions etc. I just do it for fun though.