PS5 Remote play - controller issues


New member
Mar 28, 2022
Hi there, weird one here. So up to a week or so ago, I could load up my PS5 with a game and controller connected, and continue the game via remote play on my macbook with a separate controller I've blue toothed just to my laptop. I had no issues with this, however now if I try to use the controller on my laptop, it's making me log in as another user as if it's not disconnecting the controller downstairs if that makes sense (makes perfect sense in my head).
For example, I play GTA V alot and you can go into IFK mode where you stay active in the game, but the game doesn't automatically kick you off after 15 mins or so. I usually then connect upstairs on my macbook (whist working hard) for 10-20 minutes of game play using the other controller. Can't seem to do that now. Don't think any setting have changed so not sure. Can anyone help a tech noob out. TIA.