PS4 Remote Play access problem


New member
Mar 13, 2023
I recently setup Remote Play on my iPhone to enable me to use wireless earbuds. However I now want to remove it.

In the past to use it, I've got to the main menu on the PS4 and then gone to the remote play app on my phone to link to my PS4.
With my controller setup via bluetooth on my phone, this would successfully create a connection.

Unfortunately, before I can reach the main menu to enable my phone to locate my PS4, a message about a software update being available is now appearing as soon as I power up the PS4 but because I am not at the main menu, I now have no way of connecting my controller and I also can't connect via remote play to control so I'm stuck. There is an option on remote play to enter your PS4 number for it to find it that way but because I have no way of controlling it, I can't get that number! Even with the controller connected via bluetooth to my phone, the PS4 can't see it.

The first think I need to to is figure out how I can gain access to the main menu. Then I need to figure out how to remove remote play.
I considered a full reset of my PS4 but I can't even do that now as I can't get into the main menu

Can anyone PLEASE help??!!