PS4 Recovering save data lost from ps4 data transfer: Resolved


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Oct 16, 2021
I recently transfered data from my old PS4 to a new shared ps4. The new PS4 already had other peoples accounts and therefore their save data on it too, and that data has now been overriden by my old PS4. I did not realise this was the behaviour of the transfer at the time, I understand I should have read this more carefully, but now that I am in this situation is there any way at all to recover the old PS4 data? The accounts I have overriden did not have cloud saving of any kind. Are there any recovery tools, paid or otherwise, I might be able to use to try and recover this lost save data? Such as somehow accessing my PS4 internal storage through my PC and restoring data through there? Is there any recourse at all? I do not mind if the any potential solutions only give a small of data recovery, or put the save data from my old PS4 at risk. I am also fully prepared for the potential that there is nothing I can do to recover this data, and am very prepared to spend a lot of time apologising and trying to make it up to people :(

Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone may be able to bring.

Edit: I now understand there is no way to reverse this, thanks for your time
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