PS4 Recently got new wifi routers and when testing the internet connection, PSN Sign-In fails and I get the Error CE-33987-0


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Sep 26, 2021
I haven't touched my PS4 in a few weeks, and in that time, we've gone through two routers.

When I started it back up on Tuesday the 21st, underneath the apps on the home screen it was telling me that it was offline, but the update 9.0 was able to download as well as a previously started game update. So it's like it was connected to the internet but not the online network cause apps and the store wouldn't work.

When I went to test the internet, "Obtain IP Address" was Successful and so was "Internet Connection", but it took a while on "Playstation Network Sign-In" until it finally failed and gave me the error code ce-33987-0.

I've unplugged the router for minutes and then plugged it back in and that didn't work, neither did setting it to 2.4gHz instead of 5.

I don't have any clue what to do
As you’ve changed routers did you change the PS4’s wifi settings to the new SSID & passphrase or did you change the router’s SSID & Passphrase to match the original router’s settings?
Have you tried deleting the wifi settings from the PS4 & setting it up again?
Have you checked for any updates to the router?