PS5 Question regarding my PS5: Is this level of noise and vibration normal?


New member
Sep 3, 2021

Like the title says, I'm just wondering if this level of noise and vibration is normal when installing/reading a disc. Thinking of returning it to get it fixed, but if this is normal then there isnt much of a point. Appriciate your input on this!

Found a fix for this recommended by playstation themselves, well maybe not a fix but it should reduce the amount of vibration coming from the bluray drive. But, when I went to take off the side panels I noticed that they were chipped in the corners, they also had what looks like stress marks in the center of both panels, the kind of stress marks you see when hard plastics are bent too far or put under too much pressure, or most likey when they get pulled off the mold. I also found small scratches on the PS5 underneath the panels, as if it's been taken off before.

So, I called the store where I bought it and told them all of this... along with the right analog stick drifting... along with the coil whine... along with the unbalanced fan. And they simply asked me to return it. Out of curiosity I asked what's going to happen with it after I return it, and apparently Sony just scrap the PS5's coming in for repair or service and replace them with new ones. All this to me just looks like shockingly bad production quality and massive amounts of waste, fingers crossed that Sony gets called out on this when the honeymoon period is over.