PS5 Pulse Elite Headsets


New member
Mar 21, 2024
Plz send an update to these headsets ASAP. There is a lot of issue with these headsets.

1. They are disconnecting after an 1hr or two or more.
2. The mic dont work in game chat. I have to create a PARTY CHAT before I play a game so ppl can hear me. Then the mic cuts off occasionally. Plus when
I press the power button 3x in the game , the game/chat selection is GREYED out.
3.Ppl can hear my conversation in party chat when I receive a phone call (just my voice).
4.Why can I answer the phone with the headset without picking up my phone?
5.When I press the power button 3x , the option screen doesn't pop up occasionally. I have to take out the dongle and put it back in to work.

I like these headsets, BUT please fix these issues. I'm not the only one, ppl complaining on Riddit.
We’re not an official Sony forum - just a PS fan forum. You’ll probably need to contact Sony directly.