PS5 PSN U.K expensive compared to others


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Jan 20, 2022

why is the U.K PlayStation store a lot more expensive than other stores around the globe?

If I create an account in turkey I can save 30 pound on some brand new games?

why do you constantly over charge in the U.K and not other country’s?
Turkey is in the EU so why it's cheaper than say the UK or Germany I don't know, but what I do know is that corporate greed will take every opportunity to milk customers. Sony is the same as the rest tbh, look at the pricing for Forbidden West, In the US it's $60 which is around £44 at the current exchange rate, yet it's £60 for the same version, not to mention PS5 owners have the pleasure of paying 10 more for their version.

I know there was a lot of complaints back in the day about Nintendo and their pricing to which Nintendo basically said that the european market is so small it wouldn't be an isssue for them to just ignore it, so basically pay or no play. I guess with Sony it's the same but they are less overt.