PSN region change


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Jun 29, 2024
Dear All,

Please give me an advice.

I've been using my account since 2015, and back then, since I was living in Russia at that time, I had to create an account with that region. In 2022, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Sony passed sanctions on all Russian accounts, by suspending the PS store for that region, so with my account right now I can't by any games or PS plus, all those functions are suspended. But the thing is I have over 50 platinum trophies on that account (that's years of my life), so if I move to a new US account, I will have to unlock all those trophies from scratch with my new account.
My question is - do you think we can hope Sony will someday in the future make it possible for a user to change the account region? The problem is I haven't been able to ask Sony this question, since it's impossible to find their contact email on the internet, you can only talk to an expert, who were unable to answer my question.
If there's hope, then I'd probably wait. If not, then I wouldn't lose any time and start unlocking all my platinum trophies with my new account right away.

Thank you!
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