PS4 PSN Hacked out. No help from Sony


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Nov 6, 2020
Good day/night to anyone reading this. Long read on how my account was hacked & Sony isn't trying to help. They just want their money.

On July 22nd 2020, someone hacked my US Playstation Network account and purchased 4 items. Being that my credit card was on file with PSN, my bank contacted me immediately as the transactions were attempted. I told my bank I didn't do any of the 4 transactions so they cancelled the card.

On August 3rd 2020, I received an email from Sony saying my account was suspended. Upon calling, well speaking via chat, they informed me that due to the chargeback of $39.18, 1/4 purchases, that my account will be temporary suspended until I pay the debt. As I tried to explain to the rep that this was due to my PSN being hacked, the rep didn't care.

The rep and every rep I spoke to from August 3rd 2020 to about September 10th 2020 told me "I can give you a 1 time courtesy but if any other disputed come through, you'll be responsible for the whole amount.". I quickly told the reps each time, getting a courtesy for being a victim, doesn't make sense. If my child or I made purchase by mistake, then a courtesy makes perfect sense. However, my psn was hacked. I'm the victim.

They all said it's a 1 time courtesy. Me just wanting my PSN active again, I say ok. I'm thinking the remaining 3 charges weren't being disputed by my bank because the initial 4 charges were made July 22nd 2020 and it's about September 10th and Sony keeps talking about the $39.18 charge. So I said yea.

My account is activated September 11th. Nov.5th 2020, I wake up to an email that my account is suspended again. This time the rep is saying it's for $104.48 but they don't know what's the charges &/or when they were made. And furthermore, they're NOT giving me a 2nd courtesy as a victim.

I went back to my emails in July 2020 and did the math of the last 3 transactions and sure enough, they amount of the remaining 3 transactions were $104.48.

In addition to that, unlike Sony PS for Europe/Asia, Sony US Playstation doesn't have any links on their website for compromised accounts. Only for chargebacks. It's weird that Sony will support compromised accounts for Europe/Asia but not North America or USA in particular.

Furthermore, though I changed my password and added 2 step verification back in September 2020, which in turns block whatever playstation that was that downloaded the content, Sony hasn't been helpful to me as a victim. They just want their $104.48.

Smh. I've been playing/owned Sony products since Playstation 1 to Playstation 4 and still own all of them to this day, but if I can't get this issue resolved, PS5 won't be in my house.
PLEASE let me know if they resolve this. I’m in the same exact situation. Someone hacked me and bought over $160 worth of things on my account and my bank alerted me so the charges were disputed. I went onto my ps4 today and my account was permanently banned. I have emails saying these purchases were made and then my email was also changed. I don’t have the money to pay them back, I don’t want the games this hacker bought I don’t know why they can’t just take the game back? Please let me know if you have a solution
@lilster0108, I received an email Thursday saying my account was activated again.

Prior to, I started trolling them on Twitter and I also hit a link on psn and kept it simple.

"My account was hacked on July 22nd 2020 and fraudulent transactions were done which resulted in my account being banned"

I did that about 3-5 times. Each time I received an email saying 1+3 business days someone will respond.