PSN email address deleted by Hotmail


New member
Jan 3, 2024
Dear all,

I have an issue which I seem to be at my end with and I’m praying someone out there can help.

I created a PSN account a few years ago with Hotmail, which I only use with PlayStation. Unfortunately due to inactivity on the email account, Hotmail deleted my account with no chance of being able to recover it, or set up a new email account with the same name.

PlayStation have said that they can only reset PSN email addresses if you have the serial number of that PlayStation it was created on.

Again unfortunately, I sold that PlayStation a few years ago so I have no access to the serial number.

I have a GTAV online account with high level progress I’d like to start using again but am in a catch 22 situation. Hotmail can’t reactivate the email address, PlayStation need a serial number that I can’t get hold of.

Any help out there what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

Happy new year.